Bankruptcy Debt Relief

Bankruptcy Debt Relief (Chapter 7 & Chapter 13)

We’ll be glad to help you determine whether a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy case might work for you, and what a case for you might look like.

Bankruptcy Debt Relief - File for Bankruptcy Online

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Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding in which a person who cannot pay his or her bills can get a fresh financial start. The right to file for bankruptcy is provided by federal law, and all bankruptcy cases are handled in federal court. Filing bankruptcy immediately stops all of your creditors from seeking to collect debts from you, at least until your debts are sorted out according to the law.

Bankruptcy may make it possible for you to:

– Eliminate the legal obligation to pay most or all of your debts. This is called a “discharge” of debts. It is designed to give you a fresh financial start.

– Stop foreclosure on your house or mobile home and allow you an opportunity to catch up on missed payments. (Bankruptcy does not, however, automatically eliminate mortgages and other liens on your property without payment.)

– Prevent repossession of a car or other property, or force the creditor to return property even after it has been repossessed.

– Stop wage garnishment, debt collection harassment, and similar creditor actions to collect a debt.

– Restore or prevent termination of utility service.

– Allow you to challenge the claims of creditors who have committed fraud or who are otherwise trying to collect more than you really owe.

We can help you file for bankruptcy in California with a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case entirely online

If you plan to file for bankruptcy online, consult M. Jones and Associates’ bankruptcy attorneys. We have handled numerous successful bankruptcy cases for creditors and debtors.

We have the technology and skills necessary to handle many cases completely online.  Using video conferencing, screen sharing, and PDF documents, we can often handle simple bankruptcy matters without you even needing to come into the office.


File for Bankruptcy Online and Much More

Our office has helped many people, both consumers and businesses, to successfully navigate the bankruptcy world and get that fresh start they needed. In most cases, we offer an in-person evaluation at no cost to you that will help you understand your options and give you a really good idea of exactly what your case would look like. It is common for our clients to comment about how they never felt lost or out of control during their case.

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