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Criminal Law Matters

Highly Experienced Trial Lawyers for State or Federal Cases

Our office is dedicated to the defense of those charged with or under investigation for the commission of state or federal offenses. We are able to assist and represent you at all stages of criminal proceedings.  

Without a doubt, being charged or suspected of a crime is a terrifying experience.  Michael has worked in criminal defense since 1993.  In his military life, he is currently assigned as one of the Army’s trial defense attorneys; in his civilian life, he also assists those who are accused of serious misconduct and criminal acts.  Throughout his career, he has handled high-profile and “media” cases on charges ranging from simple theft to serious violent felonies and multi-million dollar white collar crime.

If you have been charged with a crime, or think you might be, time is precious.  You should call and schedule an appointment for a no-cost consultation right away.