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Employment / Wage Law

Employment and Wage/Hourly Law

Our law firm handles cases for employees who have been scammed, defrauded, or cheated by their employers.  A typical case might be one where:

1.)  The person was hired and promised that the job would earn them $1,000 a week, but after working there for a few weeks, they realize that the job will *never* actually pay that amount.  It’s just another minimum wage job.

2.)  The employment agreement provides for the payment of bonuses, but when the bonus is actually earned, the employer changes the requirements and tells the employee that they won’t get the bonus after all.

3.)  The employer hires a person on a commission basis, but doesn’t give credit for all the sales earned, and instead pays less than the amount owed on the commission.

4.)  The employer refuses to pay the rate promised after the work has been done.

5.)  The employer refuses the pay anything at all, or a significantly reduced amount.

6.)  Blatant illegal discrimination or sexual harassment on the job or in the workplace.

Many of these kinds of problems show up only after the employee has already been on the job for a few weeks.  The employee may have even turned down other, more legitimate, jobs to take the job with the unfair employer.

The law allows for a complete recovery of your loses, as well as your legal expenses.  As such, we can get you what you are owed, and have the offending employer pay your legal bill for doing so.